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Jazion Keera
The Shadow Queen

Joined: 23 Apr 2007
Posts: 1207

Location: In the shadows, always watching

PostPosted: Wed Jul 11, 2007 9:44 am    Post subject: Convo!!  Reply with quote

Not all are mine, though.

Soulwraithh (12:00:21 PM) has entered the room.
Randor the Red (12:00:21 PM) has entered the room.
itScOolForUs (12:00:21 PM) has entered the room.
iamedofthenexus (12:00:21 PM) has entered the room.
Mind of Ender 13 (12:00:21 PM) has entered the room.
Alkarl9000 (12:00:21 PM) has entered the room.
Randor the Red (12:00:27 PM): no believe hoe it was made to work (some more tea please lol)
Alkarl9000 (12:00:34 PM): Hey
Soulwraithh (12:00:35 PM): What about shirleywraith as my mascot?
Randor the Red (12:00:47 PM): lol yay
iamedofthenexus (12:00:49 PM): lol i remember that
Mind of Ender 13 (12:00:53 PM): hi ALK!
Brimankenke (12:00:57 PM) has entered the room.
iamedofthenexus (12:00:57 PM): sjirley
Alkarl9000 (12:00:58 PM): Hey Rave
iamedofthenexus (12:01:04 PM): *Shirley
Brimankenke (12:01:05 PM): OMG
Soulwraithh (12:01:10 PM): what
Brimankenke (12:01:11 PM): Everyone is hear
Randor the Red (12:01:12 PM): tea party!!!
Mind of Ender 13 (12:01:14 PM): We can actually spar now! YAY
Brimankenke (12:01:17 PM): HURAH!!!!!!
Brimankenke (12:01:26 PM): *Party*
iamedofthenexus (12:01:27 PM): time to get my special drink
Alkarl9000 (12:01:29 PM): Green Tea, If you don't mind,
Soulwraithh (12:01:33 PM): Rave and alkarl are in wrong topiccc
Brimankenke (12:01:39 PM): *Puts up disco ball and music*
Mind of Ender 13 (12:01:40 PM): Lipton, please.. hot water though, not iced..
Randor the Red (12:01:48 PM): i like iced
Alkarl9000 (12:01:49 PM): I sleep in. So, it's mainly my fault
Mind of Ender 13 (12:02:02 PM): no problem
Mind of Ender 13 (12:02:05 PM): I posted, however
Brimankenke (12:02:13 PM): Karyoke
Brimankenke (12:02:14 PM): !
Brimankenke (12:02:14 PM): !
Brimankenke (12:02:15 PM): !
Brimankenke (12:02:25 PM): Or how ever u spell it
Brimankenke (12:02:28 PM): Razz
Soulwraithh (12:02:37 PM): Someone in WOW 4 levels higher than me dueled me.. and I just about won
Brimankenke (12:02:43 PM): Razz
Randor the Red (12:02:47 PM): cool
Brimankenke (12:02:52 PM): Krew
lBrimankenke (12:02:56 PM): Kewl*
Randor the Red (12:03:08 PM): no migits are Krewl
Randor the Red (12:03:15 PM): cruel lol
Brimankenke (12:03:23 PM): Im playing Just Cause on Meh XBox
iamedofthenexus (12:03:25 PM): DAMN I DUN SPILLED MY DRINK
Mind of Ender 13 (12:03:26 PM): y'all can post in the healing copse..
Brimankenke (12:03:27 PM): 360
Soulwraithh (12:03:27 PM): my email is migits_r_cruel@hotmail.com
Brimankenke (12:03:36 PM): LOL
Randor the Red (12:03:51 PM): copse or corpse?
itScOolForUs (12:03:56 PM): my email is shenx2cool@hotmail.com or shenx2cool@yahoo.com
Soulwraithh (12:04:07 PM): copse
Randor the Red (12:04:17 PM): WTF is a copse
Soulwraithh (12:04:21 PM): Uhh
Mind of Ender 13 (12:04:22 PM): A small clearing
Soulwraithh (12:04:30 PM): exactly
Randor the Red (12:04:38 PM): oh really i just call it a small clearing
Mind of Ender 13 (12:04:42 PM): ..
Randor the Red (12:04:46 PM): good to know
Mind of Ender 13 (12:04:46 PM): I like to use fancy words
Brimankenke (12:04:53 PM): Hmmm
Mind of Ender 13 (12:04:54 PM): Makes me feel smart
Brimankenke (12:04:57 PM): We need music
Brimankenke (12:05:03 PM): -.-
Randor the Red (12:05:11 PM): yay u need all the help u can get
Alkarl9000 (12:05:12 PM): YEARGH! I'm IN 3 chats.
Brimankenke (12:05:12 PM): Anyone got a MP3?
Randor the Red (12:05:14 PM): j/k
itScOolForUs (12:05:16 PM): i like anime music =P
Brimankenke (12:05:27 PM): Never mind
Randor the Red (12:05:28 PM): lol
Brimankenke (12:05:32 PM): Ill just upload mine
itScOolForUs (12:05:37 PM): naruto, full moon, bleach
Brimankenke (12:05:37 PM): Razz
Mind of Ender 13 (12:05:44 PM): I like Final Fantasy music..
itScOolForUs (12:05:55 PM): BRB
itScOolForUs (12:06:00 PM): i mean
itScOolForUs (12:06:01 PM): AFK
Alkarl9000 (12:06:24 PM): Wait. What is everyones screenname?
itScOolForUs (12:06:29 PM): huh
Brimankenke (12:06:31 PM): Well where gonna listen to System Of A Down
Mind of Ender 13 (12:06:31 PM): mine is Rave
iamedofthenexus (12:06:33 PM): ?
itScOolForUs (12:06:38 PM): sn for aim?
Brimankenke (12:06:39 PM): So hAHA
Mind of Ender 13 (12:06:49 PM): Brimankenke is Beathius
Mind of Ender 13 (12:06:55 PM): Itscoolforus is Shen
iamedofthenexus (12:06:55 PM): mine should be obvious
Brimankenke (12:06:55 PM): NO
itScOolForUs (12:06:55 PM): ..
Soulwraithh (12:07:02 PM): brimankenke is briman
Soulwraithh (12:07:05 PM): brimman2.
0Brimankenke (12:07:06 PM): Razz
Brimankenke (12:07:07 PM): Razz
Brimankenke (12:07:07 PM): Razz
Mind of Ender 13 (12:07:08 PM): right
Alkarl9000 (12:07:08 PM): Well, sure ed.
Brimankenke (12:07:13 PM): LOLOLOL
Mind of Ender 13 (12:07:18 PM): Im half asleep
itScOolForUs (12:07:21 PM): afk
Brimankenke (12:07:25 PM): Beathias doesent even HAVE AIM
Alkarl9000 (12:07:28 PM): I'm hardly sober.
Mind of Ender 13 (12:07:34 PM): ..
Brimankenke (12:07:49 PM): Noooo
iamedofthenexus (12:07:49 PM): yay you had to much tea
Alkarl9000 (12:07:53 PM): ITS A JOKE
Brimankenke (12:07:58 PM): Stupid Mp3
Mind of Ender 13 (12:08:02 PM): ...
Soulwraithh (12:08:10 PM): Its a mighty fine day for pillaging, arrr!
Brimankenke (12:08:22 PM): GAWD
Brimankenke (12:08:26 PM): ........
Brimankenke (12:08:35 PM): Stupid music wont play
Soulwraithh (12:08:37 PM): ....
Randor the Red (12:08:51 PM): bethias i think is shadows_lurk
Brimankenke (12:08:51 PM): *Hits Stereo*
Soulwraithh (12:08:54 PM): Are you sure the music isn't jsut too smart to play FOR you for FREE?
Brimankenke (12:09:07 PM): No
itScOolForUs (12:09:14 PM): on person is missing.. IKAW
Randor the Red (12:09:16 PM): ok no then lol
Brimankenke (12:09:17 PM): I could play it a couple daysd ago
iamedofthenexus (12:09:20 PM): i know how to make music play for free....
Brimankenke (12:09:23 PM): Razz
Soulwraithh (12:09:26 PM): LIMEWIRE
Randor the Red (12:09:26 PM): ikill play wow
Randor the Red (12:09:38 PM): limewirepro bes
titScOolForUs (12:09:50 PM): now i afk for real
Brimankenke (12:09:54 PM): *********************
Brimankenke (12:09:57 PM): &^*%#I(#@&%#&$#%&
Brimankenke (12:09:59 PM): %*@^&%#&$#&^%$#
Brimankenke (12:10:01 PM): %$&&*%$*(&%$*%$
iamedofthenexus (12:10:05 PM): noo its impossible
Randor the Red (12:10:08 PM): lol wut now?
Brimankenke (12:10:14 PM): GRRRRRRRR
Soulwraithh (12:10:17 PM): ...
Soulwraithh (12:10:24 PM): His music is outsmarting him
Brimankenke (12:10:26 PM): You know what
Brimankenke (12:10:33 PM): lol
Soulwraithh (12:10:34 PM): No I don't know
Brimankenke (12:10:44 PM): Im just gonna u tube it
Brimankenke (12:10:48 PM): Razz
iamedofthenexus (12:10:49 PM): 1+2=4
Randor the Red (12:10:52 PM): no not that
Soulwraithh (12:10:53 PM): Ahoy dogs!
Brimankenke (12:10:56 PM): LOL
Brimankenke (12:11:02 PM): This is randow
Brimankenke (12:11:04 PM): m*
Randor the Red (12:11:06 PM): 1 and 1 = 11
Soulwraithh (12:11:09 PM): Ahoy ye old sea dogs
Brimankenke (12:11:14 PM): HHAHAHA
Brimankenke (12:11:17 PM): GRRRRRRRRR
Brimankenke (12:11:20 PM): RAWR
Brimankenke (12:11:44 PM): AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
iamedofthenexus (12:11:48 PM): 1.2+2.3=3.5 if yo round it translates to 1+2=4
Soulwraithh (12:11:57 PM): ...
Soulwraithh (12:12:05 PM): Okay, who gave iamed money for school
?Alkarl9000 (12:12:17 PM): Not me.
Brimankenke (12:12:19 PM): KIm Guilty
Alkarl9000 (12:12:22 PM): I'm hoarding it
Brimankenke (12:12:31 PM): I have loads of kash
Brimankenke (12:12:40 PM): I Guilty
Alkarl9000 (12:12:42 PM): kash? cash?
Randor the Red (12:12:45 PM): ed been drink that special tea
Brimankenke (12:12:46 PM): Chsh
Alkarl9000 (12:12:46 PM): KASHHHHH
Brimankenke (12:12:49 PM): Cash
Brimankenke (12:12:54 PM): LOL
Alkarl9000 (12:13:00 PM): I know.
Brimankenke (12:13:09 PM): This is to funny
Alkarl9000 (12:13:28 PM): I would have never expected for all of us to be on at once.
iamedofthenexus (12:13:30 PM): lol cash.... overloaded df database of cash
Brimankenke (12:13:35 PM): lol
Brimankenke (12:13:42 PM): Rtr
Alkarl9000 (12:13:43 PM): SKFLJKFS:ASJl;
Brimankenke (12:13:47 PM): Its all his fault
Brimankenke (12:13:59 PM): He wont let me play my music
Alkarl9000 (12:14:09 PM): OR MAYBE...
Brimankenke (12:14:15 PM): *leans in*
iamedofthenexus (12:14:20 PM): nope its the tea's fault, don't disrespect the tea
Alkarl9000 (12:14:21 PM): He doesn't like your music.
Brimankenke (12:14:25 PM): .............
Alkarl9000 (12:14:31 PM): ...
Brimankenke (12:14:37 PM): HOW DARE HE NOT LIKE SOAD!!!
Brimankenke (12:14:45 PM): *kills RtR
*iamedofthenexus (12:15:02 PM): what about soap?
Alkarl9000 (12:15:03 PM): AGHHH! Stretching the screen their.
Brimankenke (12:15:13 PM): System of a down=SOAD
Brimankenke (12:15:27 PM): HA
Brimankenke (12:15:28 PM): HA
Brimankenke (12:15:28 PM): HA
Brimankenke (12:15:29 PM): HA
Brimankenke (12:15:29 PM): hA
Alkarl9000 (12:15:33 PM): NO
Brimankenke (12:15:34 PM): lol
Brimankenke (12:15:39 PM): BWAGAGAGGgG
Alkarl9000 (12:16:04 PM): Anyway...
iamedofthenexus (12:16:10 PM): *UBER SLAP OF PWNAGE*
Alkarl9000 (12:16:27 PM): Uber just means very.
Brimankenke (12:16:29 PM): crazy card
Alkarl9000 (12:16:32 PM): In german.
Alkarl9000 (12:16:35 PM): I think
Randor the Red (12:16:35 PM): like see artix dead brim lol
Soulwraithh (12:17:03 PM): http://www.mfipb.com/index.php?mforum=dfoa...rs&showuser=127
Alkarl9000 (12:17:04 PM): So...It's a very slap of pwnage.
Alkarl9000 (12:17:26 PM): ...
Brimankenke (12:17:31 PM): HOLY SHIP TARD
SSoulwraithh (12:17:40 PM): ...
Brimankenke (12:17:46 PM): 8388607 POSTS
Soulwraithh (12:17:54 PM): I typed in 13371337
Randor the Red (12:17:54 PM): aye mate wraithy
Brimankenke (12:18:10 PM): Stupid pirates
Brimankenke (12:18:20 PM): *Kills pirates*
Soulwraithh (12:18:27 PM): Hey iamed
Mind of Ender 13 (12:18:32 PM): who has that many posts?
Soulwraithh (12:18:36 PM): Where'd you find your avatar on your mascot
Soulwraithh (12:18:43 PM): Piratewraith
Brimankenke (12:18:44 PM): GOD *UCKING DAMNIT
iamedofthenexus (12:18:53 PM): please read the following out loud Phyuck Yiu
iamedofthenexus (12:19:11 PM): i got it from RTR
Randor the Red (12:19:37 PM): i can make a captain rhubard meets my fist version if u want
Randor the Red (12:20:30 PM): yellow beard now that was a pirate
Soulwraithh (12:21:15 PM) has left the room.
Brimankenke (12:21:40 PM): GASPH
Randor the Red (12:21:44 PM): 8388607 posts!!!
Brimankenke (12:21:55 PM): I POSTED IN RP
Brimankenke (12:21:58 PM): BWAHAHAHAH
Soulwraithh (12:23:03 PM) has entered the room.
Soulwraithh (12:23:08 PM): i was rate limited
Alkarl9000 (12:23:11 PM): Geez.
Brimankenke (12:23:12 PM): haha
iamedofthenexus (12:23:14 PM): I make up 14067.65% of the total forum posts
Randor the Red (12:23:30 PM): lol
Alkarl9000 (12:23:31 PM): Nice to see admins not abusing there powers.
Brimankenke (12:23:32 PM): lol
Soulwraithh (12:23:41 PM): 8388607 ( 176974.83% of total forum posts )
iamedofthenexus (12:23:42 PM): and i make 19269.8 posts a day
Randor the Red (12:23:48 PM): u want see abusing .....
Soulwraithh (12:23:52 PM): Posts per day 8388607
Brimankenke (12:23:53 PM): NO
Alkarl9000 (12:23:55 PM): Not really
Brimankenke (12:23:57 PM): WE SDONT
Randor the Red (12:23:59 PM): ok
Brimankenke (12:24:04 PM): *phew*
Soulwraithh (12:24:05 PM): ...
Mind of Ender 13 (12:24:16 PM): ..
Briman.. we are aprring
iamedofthenexus (12:24:20 PM): time to abuse things
Soulwraithh (12:24:22 PM): Psst, RtR, WE SDONT means we do
Randor the Red (12:24:22 PM): i reduced all ur posts to 0
Brimankenke (12:24:31 PM): Doesent look it
Brimankenke (12:24:35 PM): Razz
Randor the Red (12:24:39 PM): Razz
Mind of Ender 13 (12:24:41 PM): we are..
Brimankenke (12:24:45 PM): Looks like you gonna kill him
iamedofthenexus (12:24:47 PM): crazy
Brimankenke (12:24:50 PM):
Randor the Red (12:24:58 PM): where hes here?
Brimankenke (12:25:01 PM): Hey
Brimankenke (12:25:08 PM): i wonder what happened to shen
Brimankenke (12:25:13 PM): O_o
iamedofthenexus (12:25:15 PM): he died
Brimankenke (12:25:24 PM): *GASPH*
Randor the Red (12:25:33 PM): he sleeping again?
iamedofthenexus (12:25:41 PM): i mean he had an acciedent.... yeah an acciedent
iamedofthenexus (12:25:52 PM): .....
Brimankenke (12:25:58 PM): Nooooooooo
Brimankenke (12:26:01 PM): *Dies*
Soulwraithh (12:26:13 PM): Must.. Abuse.. Power..
Brimankenke (12:26:17 PM): NOOOOOOOOo
Brimankenke (12:26:29 PM): *Kills SW with a Admin Rod
*Alkarl9000 (12:26:31 PM): Maybe eatting, or on the toilet
Soulwraithh (12:26:49 PM): Lets see.. briman needs a new password
Brimankenke (12:26:54 PM): ASHHHHH
Brimankenke (12:26:55 PM): AHHHH
Brimankenke (12:26:57 PM): NOOO
Brimankenke (12:27:00 PM): STOP
Brimankenke (12:27:03 PM): PLEASE
Soulwraithh (12:27:03 PM): I think i'll make it "password"
Randor the Red (12:27:05 PM): new name too lol
Randor the Red (12:27:17 PM): briman3.0
Brimankenke (12:27:22 PM): NOOOOOOOOOO
Soulwraithh (12:27:29 PM): No..
Soulwraithh (12:27:35 PM): Brimwoman3.0
Brimankenke (12:27:40 PM): .......
Randor the Red (12:27:41 PM): lol
Brimankenke (12:27:46 PM): *Revenge*
iamedofthenexus (12:27:54 PM): shirleyman3.0
Soulwraithh (12:27:58 PM): DONE
Brimankenke (12:28:01 PM): *Twitch*
Brimankenke (12:28:06 PM): syrnjtr v[dqrewgegREHTEWRH
Brimankenke (12:28:06 PM): N
Brimankenke (12:28:07 PM): trwntr
Brimankenke (12:28:07 PM): hrwn
Brimankenke (12:28:07 PM) has left the room.
Soulwraithh (12:28:10 PM): ...
iamedofthenexus (12:28:16 PM): no no no girlyman3.0
Randor the Red (12:28:17 PM): lol
Soulwraithh (12:28:37 PM): I did change it
Randor the Red (12:28:53 PM): wut really
Soulwraithh (12:28:57 PM): Yeah
Soulwraithh (12:28:59 PM): Brimwoman3.0
Randor the Red (12:29:04 PM): lol
Randor the Red (12:29:18 PM): that abusing little too much i think
Soulwraithh (12:29:28 PM): I changed back
Soulwraithh (12:29:33 PM): Me and iamed used to play this game
Brimankenke (12:29:38 PM) has been invited.
Brimankenke (12:29:42 PM) has entered the room.
Brimankenke (12:29:46 PM): Thank u
Randor the Red (12:29:46 PM): awwww memories lol
Brimankenke (12:29:56 PM): *Twitch*
Randor the Red (12:29:57 PM): iamad get more tea
Soulwraithh (12:30:00 PM): What? I was stopping?
Brimankenke (12:30:16 PM): http://www.mfipb.com/index.php?mforum=dfoa...rs&showuser=100
Soulwraithh (12:30:22 PM): GIRLYMAN2.0!
Brimankenke (12:30:25 PM): IM GOING TO KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
Soulwraithh (12:30:30 PM): dude
Soulwraithh (12:30:32 PM): iamed did it
iamedofthenexus (12:30:38 PM): kill me
Brimankenke (12:30:42 PM): I AM GOING TO KILL IAMED
Randor the Red (12:30:55 PM): no i did it or was it o'scar
Brimankenke (12:30:57 PM): *Turns Iamed into a demon dog*
Brimankenke (12:31:02 PM): SIT!!!!!!!
iamedofthenexus (12:31:06 PM): iamimmortal
Randor the Red (12:31:14 PM): lol
Brimankenke (12:31:23 PM): SITSITSITSITSIT!!!
Brimankenke (12:31:28 PM): SIT
Soulwraithh (12:31:30 PM): Lets ban him
Brimankenke (12:31:39 PM): *twitch*
Randor the Red (12:31:41 PM): ok
Brimankenke (12:31:42 PM): NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Soulwraithh (12:31:51 PM): Check out your title
Brimankenke (12:31:53 PM): *Bows to SW and RtR*
Brimankenke (12:32:06 PM): O_O
iamedofthenexus (12:32:10 PM): http://www.mfipb.com/index.php?mforum=dfoa...ders&showuser=1
Randor the Red (12:32:10 PM): yay a worshipper
Brimankenke (12:32:11 PM): I HAVE A TITAL
Brimankenke (12:32:15 PM): YAY!
Brimankenke (12:32:22 PM): *Partys*
Brimankenke (12:32:40 PM): Please change my name back
Brimankenke (12:32:44 PM): PLEASE
iamedofthenexus (12:33:01 PM): *plays jepordy music*
Randor the Red (12:33:02 PM): no
Brimankenke (12:33:13 PM): *Starts to shake*
Brimankenke (12:33:20 PM): AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brimankenke (12:33:27 PM): *Exploads*
Soulwraithh (12:33:29 PM): Errr
Soulwraithh (12:33:34 PM): Its already back to normal dumbie
Randor the Red (12:33:45 PM): lol
iamedofthenexus (12:33:49 PM): dude its been changed back to normal for like 10 minutes
Soulwraithh (12:34:08 PM): Lets ban him for being ignorant
Randor the Red (12:34:13 PM): ok
iamedofthenexus (12:34:17 PM): oh well I clean up the body
Alkarl9000 (12:34:20 PM): I need to finish archiving the rp threads and changing them into one big word document
.Soulwraithh (12:34:31 PM): OMG
Soulwraithh (12:34:33 PM): I BANNED HIM
Soulwraithh (12:34:42 PM): oops
Randor the Red (12:34:56 PM): but we can not unban
Soulwraithh (12:35:01 PM): Yeah
Soulwraithh (12:35:05 PM): We have to wait 10 days
Randor the Red (12:35:07 PM): he delete forever
Randor the Red (12:35:22 PM): ok 10 days
Randor the Red (12:35:31 PM): wut u banned him!!!!!!!!!
Soulwraithh (12:35:41 PM): I unbanned now
Soulwraithh (12:35:50 PM): But I seriously did ban him for a min
Randor the Red (12:36:23 PM): as long u never abuse ur power lol
Soulwraithh (12:36:27 PM): ...
Soulwraithh (12:36:30 PM): Your no fun
Brimankenke (12:36:32 PM) has left the room.
Brimankenke (12:36:36 PM) has been invited.
iamedofthenexus (12:36:36 PM): of course we don't abuse powet
Brimankenke (12:36:40 PM) has entered the room.
Soulwraithh (12:36:45 PM): Imma ban randor for being no fun
Brimankenke (12:36:47 PM): .................
Brimankenke (12:36:50 PM): OMFG
Randor the Red (12:36:53 PM): yay
iamedofthenexus (12:36:53 PM): *power (die ebil spelling mistakes)
Soulwraithh (12:36:55 PM): What
Brimankenke (12:36:58 PM): AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh
Soulwraithh (12:37:03 PM): BANNED
Randor the Red (12:37:03 PM): o'scar unban me please
Soulwraithh (12:37:27 PM): Banned o too
iamedofthenexus (12:37:34 PM): briman refresh yo pag
eRandor the Red (12:37:44 PM): thats just cruel
Soulwraithh (12:37:56 PM): Unbanned
Brimankenke (12:37:58 PM): ehhhhhhhahaHAHAHAHA
Soulwraithh (12:38:03 PM): Brim, I HAD you banned, I unbanned
Brimankenke (12:38:04 PM): IM A ADMIN NOW
Brimankenke (12:38:09 PM): BWAHAHAHAHA
Brimankenke (12:38:10 PM): HAHAHAHAH
Alkarl9000 (12:38:14 PM): How would you say the rp is going so far?
Randor the Red (12:38:20 PM): i got an neat pirate avvy for u sw lol
Brimankenke (12:38:22 PM): *Goes crazy*
Soulwraithh (12:38:24 PM): DONT MAKE ANYONE ELSE AN ADMIN
Brimankenke (12:38:29 PM): EEEEEEEEEHahahaha
Brimankenke (12:38:33 PM): Yes master
Soulwraithh (12:38:34 PM): I banned you brim
iamedofthenexus (12:38:37 PM): he cant do anything
Randor the Red (12:38:39 PM): how many adamins anyway
Brimankenke (12:38:39 PM):
Soulwraithh (12:38:47 PM): just us 3
Brimankenke (12:38:52 PM): Yep
Brimankenke (12:38:56 PM): Mwahahaha
Soulwraithh (12:39:00 PM): I seriously banned you briman
Brimankenke (12:39:03 PM): Im Teh Evil Admin
Brimankenke (12:39:07 PM): Nutuh
Soulwraithh (12:39:23 PM): Yeah I did
Randor the Red (12:39:38 PM): not that be belayawanwaa (stupid name)
Alkarl9000 (12:39:41 PM): Huh. It say's banned on his page.
Soulwraithh (12:39:41 PM): refresh yo page
Brimankenke (12:39:50 PM): *Twitch*
Brimankenke (12:39:55 PM): CHANGE ME BACK
Soulwraithh (12:39:56 PM): EXACTLY!
Brimankenke (12:39:59 PM): OMG
Brimankenke (12:40:02 PM): OMGOMGOMG
Soulwraithh (12:40:03 PM): No making people admins guys
Brimankenke (12:40:06 PM): omg
Soulwraithh (12:40:13 PM): Refresh
Soulwraithh (12:40:17 PM): HEY
Brimankenke (12:40:26 PM): WHAT THE HELL???
Brimankenke (12:40:33 PM): UN BAN MEH
Soulwraithh (12:40:37 PM): DAMN YOU RTR OR IAMED
Brimankenke (12:40:43 PM): RAW
RRandor the Red (12:40:46 PM): ok just not abuse ur powers TOMMORROW
Soulwraithh (12:40:51 PM): Which one do it?
Brimankenke (12:41:04 PM): THANK YOU
Randor the Red (12:41:09 PM): ........
Soulwraithh (12:41:11 PM): Change me back to admin
Soulwraithh (12:41:12 PM): NOW
Brimankenke (12:41:15 PM): ..........
Brimankenke (12:41:18 PM): OMG
Brimankenke (12:41:25 PM): RTR's GONE MAD
Brimankenke (12:41:33 PM): HIDE
Randor the Red (12:41:38 PM): i speak no english
Soulwraithh (12:41:39 PM): Im serious RTR, change me back
Brimankenke (12:41:44 PM): *Grabs Shen and Senke and hides*
Randor the Red (12:42:02 PM): wut now?
Brimankenke (12:42:15 PM): Lol
Brimankenke (12:42:23 PM): I think he knows your password
Brimankenke (12:42:25 PM): Razz
Soulwraithh (12:42:25 PM): RtR, please change me back
Randor the Red (12:42:33 PM): lol i feel the POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Soulwraithh (12:42:33 PM): No he doesn't
Brimankenke (12:42:35 PM): DONT CHANGE HIM BACK
Soulwraithh (12:42:43 PM): BRIMAN STFU
Mind of Ender 13 (12:42:43 PM): RTR, change him back, please
Brimankenke (12:42:43 PM): I need to experiment
Randor the Red (12:42:45 PM): dude not me i doing art right now
Soulwraithh (12:42:52 PM): Iamed
Brimankenke (12:42:58 PM): HAHAHAHAHA
Brimankenke (12:43:00 PM): BWAHAHAHA
Brimankenke (12:43:05 PM): Wait a second
Brimankenke (12:43:13 PM): Sence he cant ban me....
Brimankenke (12:43:16 PM): SW
Brimankenke (12:43:34 PM): YOUR A $#&!^#$@%#$
Soulwraithh (12:43:39 PM): ....
Brimankenke (12:43:43 PM): *cough*
Brimankenke (12:43:49 PM): Sorry bout that
Soulwraithh (12:43:55 PM): iamed change me back. Please
Brimankenke (12:43:56 PM): Evil taking over
Brimankenke (12:43:59 PM): Hey
Brimankenke (12:44:03 PM): I got an idea
Brimankenke (12:44:09 PM): SW
Randor the Red (12:44:10 PM): ok u lose 500 posts brim for that
Brimankenke (12:44:20 PM): Change bak to Piratewraith and ban him
Soulwraithh (12:44:31 PM): They made piratewraith a regular guy too
Brimankenke (12:44:32 PM): *Twitch*Brimankenke (12:44:37 PM): Damn]
Randor the Red (12:44:39 PM): wut lol
Soulwraithh (12:44:42 PM): The website won't even load!
Brimankenke (12:44:45 PM): O MG
Brimankenke (12:44:50 PM): NOOOOOOOOO
Brimankenke (12:44:52 PM): SHEN
Brimankenke (12:44:58 PM): WE NEED HELP
iamedofthenexus (12:44:58 PM): ...
Soulwraithh (12:45:01 PM): Whats with the website
Brimankenke (12:45:04 PM): *Calls shen*
Soulwraithh (12:45:05 PM): iamed, WHAT ARE YOU DOING
Randor the Red (12:45:27 PM): dont feel bad i outcasted too
Soulwraithh (12:45:41 PM): iamed....
Brimankenke (12:45:43 PM): HEY
Brimankenke (12:45:52 PM): Member Title Abused
Brimankenke (12:45:58 PM): WHAT THE HELL
Soulwraithh (12:46:02 PM): I did that a long time ago brim
Brimankenke (12:46:07 PM): Now im mad
Brimankenke (12:46:20 PM): *Uses modding powers*
Soulwraithh (12:46:21 PM): I can't even get on the website
Randor the Red (12:46:22 PM): does that mean im pwned?
Brimankenke (12:46:26 PM): YES
Brimankenke (12:46:32 PM): *Pwns Rtr
Soulwraithh (12:47:11 PM): iamed, change me back
Mind of Ender 13 (12:47:22 PM): Wuold someone please change him back
Mind of Ender 13 (12:47:24 PM): ?
Randor the Red (12:47:29 PM): iamcrazy behind this?
iamedofthenexus (12:47:30 PM): i cant log in
Soulwraithh (12:47:44 PM): Yeah right
Soulwraithh (12:47:52 PM): Randor, fix me
Brimankenke (12:47:55 PM) has left the room.
Soulwraithh (12:47:59 PM): Wait
Brimankenke (12:48:03 PM) has been invited.
Soulwraithh (12:48:05 PM): Randor is broken too
Brimankenke (12:48:07 PM) has entered the room.
Brimankenke (12:48:16 PM): Someone is gonna pay
Mind of Ender 13 (12:48:19 PM): It is IamCrazy
Brimankenke (12:48:26 PM): Gasp!
Brimankenke (12:48:33 PM): He can save the day
Soulwraithh (12:48:36 PM): IAMED
Brimankenke (12:48:42 PM): *Twitch*
Randor the Red (12:48:42 PM): i not amin no more (
iamedofthenexus (12:48:46 PM): ok I'll use the back door
Brimankenke (12:48:47 PM): HAHAHAHAHAHA
iamedofthenexus (12:49:54 PM): I'm going to log in as No One (ie the back door)
Randor the Red (12:50:15 PM): this is bad real bad
Brimankenke (12:50:16 PM): And ban RTR and get back SW
Brimankenke (12:50:23 PM): yay
Soulwraithh (12:50:26 PM): ...
Brimankenke (12:50:27 PM): Everyone wins
Brimankenke (12:50:35 PM): Sept for RtR
Brimankenke (12:50:37 PM): Razz
Soulwraithh (12:50:38 PM): Briman, if this doesn't work, the forum could be in trouble
Brimankenke (12:50:44 PM): ..............
Brimankenke (12:50:49 PM): *Crosses fingers*
Brimankenke (12:50:52 PM): WORK
Mind of Ender 13 (12:51:18 PM): you think someone hacked it?
iamedofthenexus (12:51:25 PM): it always works that why its a back door (i invented it during the ouchie indient)
Soulwraithh (12:51:26 PM): No
Brimankenke (12:51:36 PM): Ouchie?
Soulwraithh (12:51:37 PM): SOMEONE screwed around and made almost everyone not an admin
Brimankenke (12:51:45 PM): What happened with a guy so called
Brimankenke (12:51:48 PM): Ouchie?
Soulwraithh (12:51:53 PM): He was a member
Brimankenke (12:52:00 PM): Waht did he do?
Soulwraithh (12:52:00 PM): Way back at the very start of the forum
iamedofthenexus (12:52:02 PM): no not a hack, I'm just a dumba**
Soulwraithh (12:52:07 PM): He was the one that got the roleplaying forums mad
eBrimankenke (12:52:12 PM): Ohhh
Brimankenke (12:52:14 PM): i see
Brimankenke (12:52:17 PM): And then what
Soulwraithh (12:52:18 PM): Then he got banned
Brimankenke (12:52:21 PM): Why
Soulwraithh (12:52:28 PM): Theres a topic with the reason
Brimankenke (12:52:36 PM): Linky plz
Soulwraithh (12:52:39 PM): It contains a long AIM chat
Brimankenke (12:52:43 PM): Ok]
Brimankenke (12:52:48 PM): Im up for it
Soulwraithh (12:53:02 PM): Just a min
Brimankenke (12:53:05 PM): kk
Mind of Ender 13 (12:53:15 PM): So what did you do Iamed?
Soulwraithh (12:53:17 PM): I have to get back admin pwoers and unmask the forum the topic is in
Mind of Ender 13 (12:53:24 PM): why are yu an idiot
Soulwraithh (12:53:25 PM): He demoted people from admins and other such crap
Mind of Ender 13 (12:53:25 PM): ?
iamedofthenexus (12:53:26 PM): He can't read the topic unless he's banned
Brimankenke (12:53:26 PM): Oooooooooo
Soulwraithh (12:53:33 PM): ....
Soulwraithh (12:53:35 PM): iamed
Brimankenke (12:53:38 PM): Hoe
Brimankenke (12:53:41 PM): How*
Brimankenke (12:53:43 PM): OOpz
Brimankenke (12:53:46 PM): eb
Mind of Ender 13 (12:53:49 PM): you said it wasn't a hack, so what was it?
iamedofthenexus (12:53:49 PM): or an admin, because of the nature of the content in the topic
Soulwraithh (12:53:52 PM): Briman, its in a forum I admin masked. But the forum itself you guys can see
Brimankenke (12:54:08 PM): Tell the name
Soulwraithh (12:54:12 PM): Well could see, but you can't atm
iamedofthenexus (12:54:17 PM): yay I'm in
Brimankenke (12:54:22 PM): Woooooo
Soulwraithh (12:54:23 PM): The content of the forum is just old stuff.. its called old stuff
Soulwraithh (12:54:29 PM): PROMOTE ME BACK FIRSTTT
Brimankenke (12:54:31 PM): ohhh
Alkarl9000 (12:54:43 PM): demote iamcrazy.
Soulwraithh (12:54:49 PM): ....
Alkarl9000 (12:54:53 PM): i think
Brimankenke (12:54:56 PM): I was a admin for lyke 2 seconds
Soulwraithh (12:54:56 PM): Hes iamed you dumbass
Brimankenke (12:54:59 PM):
Alkarl9000 (12:55:00 PM): Oh...
Randor the Red (12:55:01 PM): this sucks i feel my life fading away
Soulwraithh (12:55:04 PM): Name changed
Alkarl9000 (12:55:12 PM): YEAH RETARDED ME.
Soulwraithh (12:55:21 PM): I should change alkarls name to Lrakla
Randor the Red (12:55:23 PM): iamcrazy is iameds mascot
Brimankenke (12:55:25 PM): LOL
Brimankenke (12:55:34 PM): lo
Brimankenke (12:55:35 PM): l
Brimankenke (12:55:45 PM): Now what about that weird topic thingy
Soulwraithh (12:55:49 PM): promote me already
Brimankenke (12:55:49 PM): Show me
dBrimankenke (12:55:52 PM): me*
Soulwraithh (12:55:54 PM): Hes not done it yet
Brimankenke (12:55:59 PM): ohhhh
Brimankenke (12:56:01 PM): lol
Brimankenke (12:56:12 PM): Im not turn into a Ouchie
Brimankenke (12:56:15 PM): lol
Soulwraithh (12:56:24 PM): Dude, rtr, oscar is still admin
Brimankenke (12:56:34 PM): Gasp
Brimankenke (12:56:42 PM): Quick
Randor the Red (12:56:47 PM): password been changed on me
Brimankenke (12:56:51 PM): Put up the Admin Barrior
Soulwraithh (12:56:53 PM): He promoted RtR back
Brimankenke (12:57:05 PM): Before you?
Soulwraithh (12:57:09 PM): Yeah
Brimankenke (12:57:10 PM): That not good
Soulwraithh (12:57:13 PM): Goes to show his loyalties
Brimankenke (12:57:18 PM): Stupid Ianed
Soulwraithh (12:57:22 PM): My mascot before me..
Brimankenke (12:57:22 PM): Iamed*
Randor the Red (12:57:23 PM): yay i hack in
Brimankenke (12:57:28 PM): HAAAA
Brimankenke (12:57:30 PM): AHHHHHH
Brimankenke (12:57:32 PM): NOOO
Soulwraithh (12:57:33 PM): MEEE
Brimankenke (12:57:38 PM): CRAP
Randor the Red (12:57:41 PM): ok lets see
Brimankenke (12:57:42 PM): THATS IT
Alkarl9000 (12:57:43 PM): Nice to see you back wraith
Brimankenke (12:57:47 PM): I got an ideA
Brimankenke (12:57:55 PM): IM GONNA FLOOD THE FORUM!!!
Brimankenke (12:58:08 PM): Make RtR Reboot
Brimankenke (12:58:12 PM): And save SW
iamedofthenexus (12:58:15 PM): you guys aren't technically admins atm but you are under the group Never Use
Brimankenke (12:58:24 PM): ........
Brimankenke (12:58:44 PM): I've been left alone
Brimankenke (12:58:50 PM): Hahahaha
Brimankenke (12:58:54 PM): Its all up to me
Mind of Ender 13 (12:58:55 PM): i'M still in the Clan Member grouping..
Brimankenke (12:58:57 PM): SW
Soulwraithh (12:59:06 PM): What
Brimankenke (12:59:12 PM): Iven if a super flood you wont ban me right?
Brimankenke (12:59:18 PM): Its a planb
Randor the Red (12:59:22 PM): ya the group admin is gone...!!!
Soulwraithh (12:59:22 PM): Don't
Brimankenke (12:59:24 PM): To get RtR
Brimankenke (12:59:26 PM): Out
Brimankenke (12:59:30 PM): sleep.gif
Randor the Red (12:59:33 PM): iamed still admin
Brimankenke (12:59:36 PM): Ok
Brimankenke (12:59:39 PM): That good
Brimankenke (12:59:52 PM): As long as hes in there we have a chance
Alkarl9000 (12:59:54 PM): you probably shouldn't flood.
Soulwraithh (1:00:04 PM): Im an admin
Alkarl9000 (1:00:14 PM): Now i can copy the chat log.
Brimankenke (1:00:20 PM): YAY
Soulwraithh (1:00:22 PM): what chat log
Brimankenke (1:00:23 PM): Quik
Alkarl9000 (1:00:26 PM): of ouchie
Mind of Ender 13 (1:00:26 PM): This one
Brimankenke (1:00:27 PM): Ban
RtRMind of Ender 13 (1:00:40 PM): Should we put this one in, just to show what could happen?
Soulwraithh (1:00:49 PM): Briman
Randor the Red (1:00:52 PM): wtf everthing going back to normal???
Brimankenke (1:01:00 PM): omg
Randor the Red (1:01:01 PM): no
Brimankenke (1:01:04 PM): Everything bak
Soulwraithh (1:01:05 PM): Read the quote in the first post of this topic for the true story. I am migitsrcruel
Soulwraithh (1:01:06 PM): http://www.mfipb.com/index.php?mforum=dfoa...s&showtopic=102
Brimankenke (1:01:06 PM): Yay
Brimankenke (1:01:12 PM): ok
Soulwraithh (1:01:28 PM): Me and Ouchie started out working for RP ideas
Alkarl9000 (1:01:48 PM): it's not showing up.
Brimankenke (1:01:49 PM): Omg
Brimankenke (1:01:53 PM): Its gonded
Soulwraithh (1:01:56 PM): gonded?
Brimankenke (1:01:59 PM): Gone
Brimankenke (1:02:01 PM): ed
Soulwraithh (1:02:03 PM): Whats gone
Brimankenke (1:02:06 PM): Goned
Alkarl9000 (1:02:09 PM): the log
Soulwraithh (1:02:14 PM): The log of what
Brimankenke (1:02:16 PM): The old stuffs topic
Alkarl9000 (1:02:20 PM): of ouchies chat
Brimankenke (1:02:24 PM): Yep
Soulwraithh (1:02:28 PM): Its not there
Soulwraithh (1:02:38 PM): Someone (not me) moved it from forum problems to forum courthouse
iamedofthenexus (1:03:04 PM): its in the forums courthouse so that not everyone can read it
Brimankenke (1:03:06 PM): ahhhh
Brimankenke (1:03:09 PM): I see
Brimankenke (1:03:13 PM): Can mods read it
Brimankenke (1:03:15 PM): ?
Mind of Ender 13 (1:03:18 PM): I can't see that forum..
Brimankenke (1:03:24 PM): Can admins?
iamedofthenexus (1:04:01 PM): you should all be able to read it now
iamedofthenexus (1:04:15 PM): for now that is
Mind of Ender 13 (1:04:24 PM): I can see Old Stuff, but not Courthouse
Brimankenke (1:04:26 PM): Where is it
Brimankenke (1:04:30 PM): I need link
Mind of Ender 13 (1:04:33 PM): nevermind
Brimankenke (1:04:38 PM): oh
Alkarl9000 (1:04:54 PM): whoohoo saved
Brimankenke (1:05:00 PM): Cant see it
Brimankenke (1:05:02 PM): again
Brimankenke (1:05:23 PM): I need a link
Brimankenke (1:05:28 PM): ><#
Alkarl9000 (1:05:29 PM): go to old stuff. go to is this fair?
Randor the Red (1:05:30 PM): new title http://www.mfipb.com/index.php?mforum=dfoa...ders&showuser=8
Brimankenke (1:05:32 PM): ty
iamedofthenexus (1:05:42 PM): http://www.mfipb.com/index.php?mforum=dfoa...view=getnewpost
iamedofthenexus (1:07:00 PM): you should all be able to read the topic in thatlink
Brimankenke (1:07:10 PM): i can see it
Brimankenke (1:07:12 PM): Reading
Soulwraithh (1:07:23 PM) has left the room.
Soulwraithh (1:08:12 PM) has entered the room.
Alkarl9000 (1:08:35 PM): Who's flame striker?
Brimankenke (1:08:40 PM): Hmmm
Brimankenke (1:08:44 PM): I...dont know?
Brimankenke (1:08:47 PM): lol
Brimankenke (1:08:53 PM): No really i dont nkow
Randor the Red (1:08:55 PM): new member
Brimankenke (1:08:57 PM): Razz
Alkarl9000 (1:09:11 PM): ah...well his name is in yellow, so...
Randor the Red (1:09:18 PM): see my sig shop
Alkarl9000 (1:09:25 PM): k
iamedofthenexus (1:09:27 PM): I love this quote from ouchie about SW "also, see how well the forum is going with him running it?"
iamedofthenexus (1:09:52 PM): make souchie sound like such an idiot
Soulwraithh (1:10:10 PM) has left the room.
Mind of Ender 13 (1:10:24 PM): He is awaiting approval
Soulwraithh (1:10:32 PM) has entered the room.
Alkarl9000 (1:10:35 PM): oh...
Soulwraithh (1:10:35 PM) has left the room.
Alkarl9000 (1:10:47 PM): brb
Randor the Red (1:11:12 PM): i aproved already
Soulwraithh (1:11:30 PM) has entered the room.
Soulwraithh (1:12:02 PM) has left the room.
Mind of Ender 13 (1:12:32 PM): This room is glitching for SW
Soulwraithh (1:13:25 PM) has entered the room.
Soulwraithh (1:13:29 PM): Maybe it'll work now
Soulwraithh (1:13:30 PM): YAY!
Randor the Red (1:13:41 PM): hey wraith
Mind of Ender 13 (1:13:41 PM): How much power do Mascots have?
Brimankenke (1:13:43 PM) has left the room.
Randor the Red (1:13:50 PM): mascots same as admins
Mind of Ender 13 (1:14:02 PM): O'Scar is a mascot, so is Shen
Mind of Ender 13 (1:14:14 PM): Either one could have done it
Randor the Red (1:14:16 PM): shen ...lol
Mind of Ender 13 (1:14:44 PM): so is PirateWraith
Soulwraithh (1:14:47 PM): The mascots are the admins they represent.. one and the same
Mind of Ender 13 (1:15:39 PM): oh
Randor the Red (1:15:49 PM): exactly sw
Brimankenke (1:16:31 PM) has been invited.
Randor the Red (1:16:48 PM): sw i gave ur mascot a avvy
iamedofthenexus (1:18:10 PM) has left the room.
iamedofthenexus (1:18:14 PM) has entered the room.
iamedofthenexus (1:18:15 PM): crap my internet dropped
Alkarl9000 (1:18:30 PM): Dang, That sucks
Invitation result for buddy Brimankenke
Invite or request timed out
Brimankenke (1:22:02 PM) has entered the room.
Brimankenke (1:22:23 PM): Rtr did you get the whole chat up on the forum yet?
Randor the Red (1:22:44 PM): the whole chat?
Alkarl9000 (1:23:20 PM): i think it means this chat. or not
Brimankenke (1:23:37 PM): The chat from before
Brimankenke (1:23:45 PM): The one where you went crazy
Randor the Red (1:23:46 PM): no
Brimankenke (1:23:48 PM): ...........
Brimankenke (1:23:51 PM): Alkarl
Brimankenke (1:23:56 PM): Do you have it?
Alkarl9000 (1:24:14 PM): I can. Lemme copy all this.
iamedofthenexus (1:24:17 PM): i plead the 5th
Brimankenke (1:24:20 PM): Yay
Mind of Ender 13 (1:24:21 PM): I can as well
Alkarl9000 (1:24:24 PM): Done.
Brimankenke (1:24:31 PM): Now i can read it all again
Brimankenke (1:24:34 PM):
Randor the Red (1:24:45 PM): why u want to how boring
iamedofthenexus (1:24:45 PM):
Alkarl9000 (1:24:52 PM): where should i put it?
Brimankenke (1:24:53 PM): Now post into a topic alkarl
Brimankenke (1:24:58 PM): Ummmm
iamedofthenexus (1:25:02 PM): spammers heaven
Alkarl9000 (1:25:06 PM): k
Randor the Red (1:25:16 PM): i see
iamedofthenexus (1:25:23 PM): where all of the junk goes
Mind of Ender 13 (1:25:26 PM): I got it in my PMS
iamedofthenexus (1:25:36 PM): PMS?
Brimankenke (1:25:44 PM) has left the room.
Mind of Ender 13 (1:25:47 PM): Personal Messages
Alkarl9000 (1:26:10 PM): busy editing it.
iamedofthenexus (1:26:18 PM): oh i thought you were saying you had PMS lol
Brimankenke (1:26:19 PM) has entered the room.
Brimankenke (1:26:21 PM): Ty
Brimankenke (1:26:35 PM): That chat was revolutionary
Randor the Red (1:26:38 PM): lol
Randor the Red (1:26:39 PM): lol
Mind of Ender 13 (1:26:39 PM): Im a guy

Another one:

You have just entered room "thenexuslounge."
Brimankenke: HEY~!!!!!
itScOolForUs: yo
itScOolForUs: watching bleach in adult swim and i saw teh ep already in japanese
Jazion Keera: hey guys
itScOolForUs: T,T
Brimankenke: ITS YOU
Brimankenke: !!!
Jazion Keera: my younger sister wants to play her game
Brimankenke: What!!!!
iamedofthenexus: dont drink the lemonade
Brimankenke: lol
Jazion Keera: just going to check the forums and i'll let her play for a while
Brimankenke: yeah
itScOolForUs: i am postin in dfgn and damit
Jazion Keera: are you guys going to stay up much longer?
Brimankenke: Very much longer
Brimankenke: Razz
iamedofthenexus: i stay up forever
Brimankenke: Yeah
itScOolForUs: YES
Brimankenke: me and iamed are noctural
Jazion Keera: HAHAHHA
Jazion Keera: okay
Jazion Keera: want a cookie?
Brimankenke: Umm...
itScOolForUs: i am immortal
Brimankenke: Ya
iamedofthenexus: nah we have mint spaghetii
Brimankenke: NOOOO
Brimankenke: Jaz
Brimankenke: whatever you do
Brimankenke: DONT EAT the mint Spaghetii
itScOolForUs: im drinking Bri's blood... tasty
Brimankenke: or the meatballs
Brimankenke: or the lemonade
Brimankenke: Razz
Jazion Keera: oh.okay
Jazion Keera: erm
Jazion Keera: darn it
Brimankenke: wha?
Jazion Keera: brim, chane my PW for me
Brimankenke: kk
itScOolForUs: I need more blood from you bri
Brimankenke: *gives Shen unlimited blood*
Brimankenke: there
Jazion Keera: and PM me the new one on dfgn
itScOolForUs: say wa
Brimankenke: kk
Jazion Keera: hmmm...........
Jazion Keera: want some plasma?
Jazion Keera: aka blood light
itScOolForUs: no... i want heavy blood...
Jazion Keera: do any of you know a game called bratz?
Jazion Keera: add water, you dumbass
iamedofthenexus: ahhhhhhhhh
Jazion Keera: LOL
itScOolForUs: i hate it
Jazion Keera: blood has a LOT of water in it
Jazion Keera: coke in my case
Jazion Keera: Razz
iamedofthenexus: yay for cafienee
Jazion Keera: yeah
iamedofthenexus: *twirch*
Brimankenke: lol
Brimankenke: I drink Smirinof Ice...
Brimankenke: Razz
iamedofthenexus: ya smirnof
iamedofthenexus: *ya
iamedofthenexus: *yay
itScOolForUs: i have mocha, coffee(starbucks vanilla), chocolate, icecream, soda, chips and money in my blood
iamedofthenexus: mint spaghetii blood
Jazion Keera: woah
Brimankenke: PM'd you Jaz
Jazion Keera: oh, the one that caused a certain someone to get punked
Jazion Keera: kk
Brimankenke: lol
itScOolForUs: uhh wouldnt bri like know jaz's new pw and he will log on hers?
Brimankenke: I could if i wanted to
Jazion Keera: yeah
Jazion Keera: but i can change it
Brimankenke: yeah
Jazion Keera: any admin can
Brimankenke: but i can change it too
iamedofthenexus: I could change everones pw on DFGN and login as them
Brimankenke: >D:
Jazion Keera: like i can change shen's password
itScOolForUs: ...
Jazion Keera: yeah
Jazion Keera: Razz
Brimankenke: i know his PW
Jazion Keera: but then it wouldn't be fun without you guys
Brimankenke: Its
itScOolForUs: ...
Jazion Keera: lol
iamedofthenexus: potato
Brimankenke: no
Brimankenke: its...
itScOolForUs: OH GOD
Brimankenke: what?
iamedofthenexus: i know yours and randors
itScOolForUs: MONEY
itScOolForUs: MONEY
itScOolForUs: MONEY!!!
Brimankenke: ..........................................................................
itScOolForUs: J
itScOolForUs: JG
itScOolForUs has left the room.
Brimankenke: LOL
Jazion Keera: erm.....
Brimankenke: anyway
Brimankenke: its 333333
Brimankenke: Razz
Jazion Keera: oh gosh
Jazion Keera: my sister is at it again
Brimankenke: its 333333 for everythign
Brimankenke: Razz
Brimankenke: i even posted as Shen once...
Brimankenke: or...twice...
Brimankenke: .Very Happy
Brimankenke: >Very Happy
itScOolForUs has left the room.
Jazion Keera: Charlene: I don't like jie jie(Chinese for older sister)
Jazion Keera: lol
Brimankenke: Razz
Jazion Keera: he's....pissed
Jazion Keera: ;emme check him on MSN
Jazion Keera: or yahoo
Brimankenke: I know that Shen;s PW for EVERYTHING
Brimankenke: is 333333
Jazion Keera: he's off
Brimankenke: Even his DF account and Forum and AQ and BOTS and FORUMZ
Brimankenke: lol
Jazion Keera: LOL
Brimankenke: He made the mistake of telling me his PW was 6 numbers
Jazion Keera: GAH
Jazion Keera: no one posted on dfgn rp
Brimankenke: Umm...
Brimankenke: i can
Brimankenke: While i am
Brimankenke: You work on Jaz psot...
Brimankenke: >Very Happy
Jazion Keera: okay...
Jazion Keera: i'll write it on word
iamedofthenexus: heh brim you sould go read the election topic
Jazion Keera: i'm gonna go see it
Jazion Keera: OMG
Jazion Keera: hey guys
Jazion Keera: i got to go
iamedofthenexus: k
Jazion Keera: my younger sister is really crying now
Jazion Keera: oh gosh
Brimankenke: Omg
iamedofthenexus: crud
Brimankenke: what?
Jazion Keera: why would anyone want to play a game called rock angelz
Brimankenke: ,................
iamedofthenexus: lol
Jazion Keera: lol
Brimankenke: omg....
Jazion Keera: HHJAH
Jazion Keera: brim double-posted
Brimankenke: is she like I WANNA PLAY ROCK ANGELZZZ!!
Brimankenke: WAAAAA
itScOolForUs has left the room.
iamedofthenexus: brim you are wierd
Brimankenke: Yep...
Brimankenke: Wait...
Brimankenke: What did you say?
Brimankenke: OMG!!!1
Brimankenke: IAMED JUST CALLED ME WIERD@!@@@!!
Brimankenke: AHHHHH
iamedofthenexus: brim why did you quit the election?
Brimankenke: WHAT?????????????/
iamedofthenexus: you said you conceeded
Brimankenke: WHAT??
Brimankenke: I NEVER SAID THAT!!!
iamedofthenexus: in the election topic
Brimankenke: No i didn't
Brimankenke: check again
iamedofthenexus: heh you deleted it
Brimankenke: Yeah....\
Brimankenke: Anyway
Brimankenke: I GOT PROOF!
iamedofthenexus: i love being able to abuse power
Brimankenke: >Very Happy
Brimankenke: check mai Sig
iamedofthenexus: check your own sig
Brimankenke: kk
itScOolForUs has left the room.
Brimankenke: Grrrr...
Brimankenke: dang
Brimankenke: Damn f**king c**k b***h pussy s**tter
Brimankenke: Razz
itScOolForUs has entered the room.
Brimankenke: yo
Brimankenke: iamed....
Brimankenke: jaz...
Brimankenke: where are u
iamedofthenexus: up yours
Brimankenke: gaybo
itScOolForUs: so chaoting
iamedofthenexus: hey shen i know birms password
itScOolForUs: ...
Brimankenke: O_O
Brimankenke: no you d- oh s**t....
iamedofthenexus: he quit the race
iamedofthenexus: election
Brimankenke: No i didn't
itScOolForUs: ..
iamedofthenexus: ha i have a screenshot
Brimankenke: damit....
Brimankenke: DAMNIT
itScOolForUs: posted in DFGN
itScOolForUs: ...
iamedofthenexus: dont make me unleash the squirelly wrath
Brimankenke: There on my side man
Brimankenke: >Very Happy
iamedofthenexus: heh I got pillz-e
itScOolForUs: meh... I posted in DFGN and thats all i need to say
Brimankenke: my man dunt take pills
itScOolForUs: Yo where is JAZ
iamedofthenexus: earth
Brimankenke: I dunt know
Brimankenke: HEY!
Brimankenke: JAz'S SISTER
Brimankenke: GIT UR BUT IN HUR
iamedofthenexus: yay lvl 61 of DYC is done
Brimankenke: Cool
Brimankenke: now wacha got?
iamedofthenexus: idk anymore
Brimankenke: Razz
Brimankenke: Screenshot
iamedofthenexus: oh crap i feel tired, *runs to get a soda*
iamedofthenexus: nvm im to tired to get a soda
itScOolForUs: ...
Brimankenke: lol
Brimankenke: You can make it
iamedofthenexus: hey i got 12 hours of sleep since sunday
Brimankenke: *gives iamed super squirel
Brimankenke: RUN MAN
Brimankenke: GET A BAGLE
Brimankenke: I MEAN cOFFIE
Brimankenke: I MEAN CHEESE
iamedofthenexus: i need mint spagehtii
Brimankenke: I mean a soda
itScOolForUs: ...
Brimankenke: jaz....
itScOolForUs: lol
iamedofthenexus: heh my forum title pwns
Brimankenke: waht is it?
iamedofthenexus: http://www.mfipb.com/index.php?mforum=dfoa...ders&showuser=1
Brimankenke: lol
Jazion Keera: erm..
Jazion Keera: okay...
Jazion Keera: you ARE weird
Jazion Keera: and my sis's game just crashed
Jazion Keera: better let it cool a bit first
iamedofthenexus: ironic
Brimankenke: Razz
Brimankenke: wait
itScOolForUs: Considered crazy by 4 out of 5 psychiatrists?
Brimankenke: who's weird?
Jazion Keera: cirl, I mean boy
Jazion Keera: the word crazy was invented to refer to me
itScOolForUs: i would put in considered crazy by 999 out of 1000 psychiatrists
itScOolForUs: but that should go to Iamcrazy
Jazion Keera: yeah
Jazion Keera: okay, i'm voting for myself
itScOolForUs: www.teenspot.com
Jazion Keera: just ot be evil
Jazion Keera: *to
Jazion Keera: another 3-way tie
Brimankenke: Shiiiiitt....
Brimankenke: WAit
itScOolForUs: iamed could just change your post to rave.. or Fmms to rave
Brimankenke: did your sis vote for me set Shen?
iamedofthenexus: no iamcrazy would be considered crazy by no psychiatrist, none could ever stay in a room alone with him
Brimankenke: yet*
itScOolForUs: that means my top 3(part of my top 10) is in the tie
itScOolForUs: yes
itScOolForUs: YES
Brimankenke: danget
Jazion Keera: ed, do you have some of that special tea?
Brimankenke: my backups are all used and im STILL in a tie..
itScOolForUs: Yo iamcrazy! Lets join iamcrazyer and Iamcrazyest in the President of the United States room
iamedofthenexus: oh i just realized iamcrazy didnt vote
Jazion Keera: ......
Jazion Keera: LOL
itScOolForUs: O_O
iamedofthenexus: hahahah irony
Jazion Keera: a vote for me is a vote for craziness, but lots of fun
Jazion Keera: :p
Brimankenke: O_O_O_O_O_O_O_OO
Jazion Keera: hmm....
Jazion Keera: wonder if oscar voted
Brimankenke: IAMCRAZU@~~!~!
Brimankenke: BRATZ DAWLIEZ
iamedofthenexus: ok thats not wierd thats just scary
itScOolForUs: *few minutes in the room with the 3 craziest persons in the world*
Brimankenke: .....
itScOolForUs: Jaz????
iamedofthenexus: ooo cani be jason
Brimankenke: heheheh.e...
itScOolForUs: You on?\
Brimankenke: AHAHAHAHAHAHAAaaa
itScOolForUs: I posted in DFGN
Jazion Keera: i'm Jaz
Brimankenke: YU DA FOOO
Jazion Keera: that's waay crazier
itScOolForUs: *runs out of the door*
Jazion Keera: *shoots rocket to blow up everyone*
Jazion Keera: big.....bang
Brimankenke: ATTACK!!!
Jazion Keera: okay........
itScOolForUs: THIS IS BIG BANG! *shoots 9999 billion of nuclear bombs at the earth*
Jazion Keera: my younger sister is going to click something
Jazion Keera: bye
Brimankenke: *super charged homo ATTACK*
Brimankenke: RAWR
iamedofthenexus: iamcrazy voted
Brimankenke: oooo
Brimankenke: iamcrazy you s**tbag...
Brimankenke: YOU VOTED FOR RAVE??
itScOolForUs: YAY RAVE
Brimankenke: MEh...
Brimankenke: YAY RAVE
iamedofthenexus: wohoo
Brimankenke: yay...
Brimankenke: Ok...
Brimankenke: Enough of this cheese
iamedofthenexus: its doubtful he going to win so thats who crazy voted for
itScOolForUs: now we should make 2 more FAKE membres and vote Rave
Brimankenke: I need BAGLES STAT!
iamedofthenexus: no this would be cheating
itScOolForUs: OK *gives bri super spegetti*
Brimankenke: YAY
iamedofthenexus: mascots shouldn't even be able to vote
Brimankenke: *eats super spegetti and becomes uber crazy*
Brimankenke: I AM Briman0.0!!!
iamedofthenexus: shhh briwoman
Brimankenke: Thats my lovely wife
Brimankenke: Briman2.0 is in teh shower
itScOolForUs: ...
itScOolForUs: ok... Briwoman is your wife... Briman2.0 is in the showers... then who is in the computer chatting us? Briman The Original?
Brimankenke: Yep
iamedofthenexus: answering machine
Brimankenke: Im teh first Virsion
Brimankenke: LOL
itScOolForUs: Where is teh creator
iamedofthenexus: yo
Brimankenke: iamed as soon as you said Answering machine the IllwillPress Video loaded and made the Dannnnn noise
Brimankenke: lol
Brimankenke: oh
Brimankenke: ill go get him
Brimankenke: HEY BRIAR!!
Brimankenke: Briar:What do you want now....
Brimankenke: GET ON HUR FOOL!
Brimankenke: Briar:alright sheesh...
itScOolForUs: Me: Let me get him out of here... *drags Briar into a room*
Brimankenke: HEy guy- AH *gets dragged*
Brimankenke: OWW!! I CAN GET ON IF WANT!!!!
Brimankenke: i*
itScOolForUs: FINE! *slams briar into a computer and runs away*
Brimankenke: GAWD!
Brimankenke: Hey iamed...
iamedofthenexus: pot?
Brimankenke: sorry aobut Briman2.0 he really wants to wi- did you say pot?
iamedofthenexus: yeah in hawaii
Brimankenke: dumbfucker...
itScOolForUs: Shen: Yo! I saw XShen run away... Why?
Brimankenke: i dunt want no hawaiian Oot
Brimankenke: pot*
iamedofthenexus: nah its been imported to hawaii they have ll kinds of pot and even cuban cigars
Brimankenke: cooooool
iamedofthenexus: *all
Brimankenke: *gets pot*
Brimankenke: niceeeeee....
itScOolForUs: O_O
iamedofthenexus: duuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuude
itScOolForUs: Shen: Dont LET SENKE HAVE SOME POT.... It will have bad results... *gets a blanket*
Brimankenke: Senke:HEy guys...whats up?
Brimankenke: Want some pot?
iamedofthenexus: *gives pot to senke*
Brimankenke: Senke:*smokes pot and walks to Shen* Hey sexxxxxyyyyy...
iamedofthenexus: shens going to NEED that blanket
itScOolForUs: Shen: OMI GOSH
Brimankenke: Hell yeah....
Brimankenke: Senke:*Jumps on Shen and pulls off his pants*
iamedofthenexus: we only did it cause you told us not to
Brimankenke: Yah man
Brimankenke: if only you did tell us to
Brimankenke: then we might not haave...
itScOolForUs: Me: Huh? I remember drinking beer, getting angry all of the sudden and my character is making out?! *freak*
Brimankenke: Senke:*Rapes Shen*
Brimankenke: O_o
Brimankenke: Coooooooooooooollll man...
iamedofthenexus: o_O
Brimankenke: O_O
itScOolForUs: XShen(ME): Oh gawd * throws up in the bathroom*
Brimankenke: i have the feeling Jaz is watching us...
iamedofthenexus: thank god my g/f doesnt read this convo
itScOolForUs: well duh
itScOolForUs: she is on isnt she?
Brimankenke: .yeah...
itScOolForUs: thank god i have this camera to show on the internet
Brimankenke: O_O
iamedofthenexus: yeah but i can still dny that it is me
itScOolForUs: not
iamedofthenexus: but I REALLY do havce a camera and an AIM logger
itScOolForUs: cause you are not imedoftehnexusworld
itScOolForUs: i already have an AIM logger
itScOolForUs: no camera
itScOolForUs: T.T
Brimankenke: cool
Brimankenke: you guys can like...
Brimankenke: web chat...
itScOolForUs: i can flash back anything!
Brimankenke: OOOO
itScOolForUs: almsot antyhing
iamedofthenexus: nah i like the internet cause you dont have to look at people
Brimankenke: Flash back to something cool
iamedofthenexus: we know you can flash back to anything, its called acid
itScOolForUs: http://img514.imageshack.us/img514/3292/45851318ht6.jpg
Brimankenke: yeah
Brimankenke: LOL
itScOolForUs: brb
Brimankenke: I made that...
Brimankenke: kk
itScOolForUs has left the room.
iamedofthenexus: *dies*
Brimankenke: NOOOOOOO
Jazion Keera: heh
Jazion Keera: i just read it
Brimankenke: what?
Jazion Keera: everything you said
Brimankenke: aww..
Brimankenke: dam
Brimankenke: Razz
Jazion Keera: yeah
Jazion Keera: where's my microsoft word..
Brimankenke: you....umm...
Jazion Keera: ohno
Brimankenke: want....
Brimankenke: some....
Jazion Keera: my younger sister is going: Can you don't talk any more?
Brimankenke: pot?
Jazion Keera: no
Jazion Keera: i'm having a sobranie
Jazion Keera: LOLz
Jazion Keera: kidding
Brimankenke: :PPPP
Jazion Keera: duh
Jazion Keera: nice citrus smell, though
Brimankenke: so you want it?
Jazion Keera: no
Jazion Keera: only a sobranie
Jazion Keera: i'm picky
Brimankenke: are yuo sure...
Brimankenke: Man
Brimankenke: How bout Herion
Jazion Keera: i'm gonna hit he sometime
Brimankenke: Heroin*
Jazion Keera: no
Jazion Keera: so irritating
Brimankenke: crack?
Jazion Keera: she's worse than your cousin and at least twice as spoiled
Jazion Keera: no
Jazion Keera: i'm addicted to jolly shandy
Brimankenke: want some jolly shandy?
iamedofthenexus: speed, acid, shrooms, cheese weed
Brimankenke: Ooo
Brimankenke: oWe got Acid
iamedofthenexus: draino
Brimankenke: yep
iamedofthenexus: adderall
iamedofthenexus: its like legal speed
itScOolForUs has left the room.
Brimankenke: big round pills...
Brimankenke: Zombie
Brimankenke: Coke
Brimankenke: And Zelm
iamedofthenexus: most of my friends are total potheads so i know lots about this suff
Brimankenke: I got some Zombie....
Brimankenke: you know what it does?
iamedofthenexus: makes you like a zombie?
Brimankenke: Well
Jazion Keera: yes on the jolly shandy
Brimankenke: It brings you to such an extream high that you almost die. But then i brings you back in. ONLY TAKE ONE AT A TIME!!
Brimankenke: it*
iamedofthenexus: what about 1.5
Brimankenke: turn you into a Zombie...Brain hungery Zombie
itScOolForUs has left the room.
iamedofthenexus: take 2or3 adderall and drink a six pack of heavily cafienated soda and the day will be over with in about an hour
Jazion Keera: man
Brimankenke: Nice....
Jazion Keera: she really is a little tyrant
iamedofthenexus: good for bad days
Brimankenke: lol
iamedofthenexus: bad for good days
itScOolForUs has left the room.
Brimankenke: right
Brimankenke: you know what my cousin did
Brimankenke: Before he left to never see me again
Brimankenke: WE shook hands
Jazion Keera: hit the monitor screen, push you off the chair
Jazion Keera: oh
Jazion Keera: LOL
Brimankenke: and he kneed me in the nuts
Jazion Keera: on what?
Jazion Keera: lol
Jazion Keera: kneed him back?
Brimankenke: No
Jazion Keera: oh
iamedofthenexus: no he fell to the flor first
Jazion Keera: why not?
Jazion Keera: hahah
Brimankenke: more like hospital time for a blue testical
iamedofthenexus: holy crap
Jazion Keera: ouch
Brimankenke: yeah...
Jazion Keera: i'm thankful i'm a girl
Jazion Keera: :p
iamedofthenexus: dude thats some serious blunt testiculat trauma
Jazion Keera: though we hae other irritating things
Jazion Keera: erm...
Brimankenke: YOu could sue for rape if he di that to you...
Jazion Keera: nah
Jazion Keera: more likely i could castrate him
Jazion Keera: :p
iamedofthenexus: lol
Brimankenke: Razz
itScOolForUs has left the room.
Jazion Keera: hmm..
Jazion Keera: poor shen
Jazion Keera: what's with him?
Brimankenke: What?
iamedofthenexus: my g/f's brother wants to do that to me
Brimankenke: lol
Jazion Keera: huh
iamedofthenexus: *shudders*
Jazion Keera: it's illegal
iamedofthenexus: the castrate thing
Jazion Keera: though some religons do practise it
Jazion Keera: kinda stupid
Brimankenke: ummmm
iamedofthenexus: and painful
Brimankenke: nob question
Brimankenke: whats castrat
Brimankenke: e*
iamedofthenexus: they cut your thing off
Jazion Keera: a little general anesthetic could help
Brimankenke: OH>>>
Jazion Keera: not exactly
Brimankenke: ><><><><><><><
Jazion Keera: they remove the *cough*testes*cough*
Brimankenke: OMG
Brimankenke: thats horrible..
iamedofthenexus: and PAINFUL
Jazion Keera: that's what they do to turn bulls into steer
Jazion Keera: stallions into gelding
Jazion Keera: it makes them less...........sprited
iamedofthenexus: lol
Jazion Keera: *spirited
Brimankenke: brb
Jazion Keera: no territory fights for the females
Jazion Keera: what, you're going to goocle it?
iamedofthenexus: lol
Jazion Keera: *google
Jazion Keera: or maybe he's gone to threaten someone with it
itScOolForUs has left the room.
iamedofthenexus: car batteries scare me
Jazion Keera: why?
Jazion Keera: watched too much terminator?
iamedofthenexus: you dont want to know
iamedofthenexus: cause i dont even want to know
Jazion Keera: actually, i do
Jazion Keera: ohhhhhhhh
Jazion Keera: bad results scare me
Jazion Keera: a lot
iamedofthenexus: got this is the wierdest conversation ever
Jazion Keera: yeah
Jazion Keera: i'm gonna save it
iamedofthenexus: oh no
iamedofthenexus: meh i dont care i have plausable deniability
Jazion Keera: it's memorable
Jazion Keera: i'm thinking about doing something really painful to my younger sister
iamedofthenexus: who doesnt?
Jazion Keera: someone who doesn't have one
Jazion Keera: any help here?
Jazion Keera: argh
iamedofthenexus: then they just think about hurting their friends sister
Jazion Keera: i don't even have privacy
iamedofthenexus: heh thats why im glad that in 2 years im getting my own apartment
Jazion Keera: .......................................
Jazion Keera: she's even reading this convo
iamedofthenexus: ummmmmm it wasnt me it was my dopleganger
Jazion Keera: she's 7
iamedofthenexus: ..................................................
iamedofthenexus: times like these require duck tape
Jazion Keera: i bought heroes of might and magic
Jazion Keera: IV
Jazion Keera: installing...
Jazion Keera: hopefully my sister will be willing to watch me play
Jazion Keera: bored?
Jazion Keera: i think i need a lot more than duck tape
iamedofthenexus: never a dull moment in my crazy world
Jazion Keera: maybe a impregnable, magical container
iamedofthenexus: indeed
Jazion Keera: yeah...
Jazion Keera: but i was talking about the forums
Jazion Keera: i think the only way to get soulwraith to post is to use my WoW character to talk to him
iamedofthenexus: lol that sounds like SW
Jazion Keera: yeah...
Jazion Keera: i deleted WOW
Jazion Keera: fle was too big
Jazion Keera: *file
iamedofthenexus: lol
Jazion Keera: so instead of one awesome game, i have a few decent ones
iamedofthenexus: hey at least you have variety
Jazion Keera: and a little sister
Jazion Keera: doesn't help much
iamedofthenexus: heh not it doesnt
iamedofthenexus: *no
iamedofthenexus: crud its about 4 am here and i still havent gone to sleep
iamedofthenexus: i'll talk to you guys later I Seriously need some sleep
iamedofthenexus has left the room.
Jazion Keera: i'm back
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The vanished.. now returned.

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 20, 2009 9:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I laughed so many times while reading that...Ahhh..Memories...
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An Ordinary Servant Neko

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 21, 2009 5:24 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

i got no memory

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