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Strawberry Kisses (Cute ReizuXLiliana Oneshot)

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 15, 2009 5:05 pm    Post subject: Strawberry Kisses (Cute ReizuXLiliana Oneshot)  Reply with quote

Title: Strawberry Kisses
Fandom: Zantelga/Verus based
Genre: Romance/General
Pairing: Reizu/Liliana
Rating: PG+
Summary: Big, red, lush strawberries are one of Reizu’s favourite foods, but they only come second to his tigress.
A/N: Oh god, my writing ability is dead ._. Cute little ReizuXLiliana oneshot. I started this while listening to Nikki Webster and watching episode 19 of Ouran Host Club. Yay! Come back time! Reviews are luved~!


Strawberry Kisses
By Lady Lilyas

Reizu’s sleeping form lay sprawled out on the couch, one foot dangling with a book happily rested on his stomach, his hand covering it. The bright light of the midday summer sun shone through the glass doors of the small villa summer home, bathing Reizu in its warmth and light whilst a fresh breeze snuck in through the open windows and washed him in a wave of coolness.

The smell of pine wood timbering was still fresh and crisp and the only noise for miles around was the faint chirps and tweets of birds and the occasional buzz of bees.  It was no wonder such a relaxing atmosphere had lulled the fair-haired brunette to sleep.

He twitched slightly though, as something else, something new was brought into the scene. It was nothing bad, and the change was small, but still, it was change and it had disturbed him from his slumber. His half awake mind picked up the faint aroma of fruity sweetness and a gentle, angelic hum of a voice all too familiar that brought a smile to his lips.

Behind the blue glass of his black-framed glasses, his almonds eyes snapped open and he groggily sat up, pulling off his specs and rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, trying to regain himself.

“Ah! I’m sorry, honey! Did I wake you?” A cheerful voice asked.

Reizu smiled lightly and turned to the source of the voice. “No, it’s fine, swe- AH!” He gawked at the person whom owned the voice, his lover, Liliana. She was as lovely as always, dressed in a knee-length, white summer dress with a black floral pattern that complimented her white Bengal tiger ears and tail. However, her loveliness was not what he gawked at, rather, it was the huge, red stains all over her dress and tigress features and the scratches that covered her arms and legs.

He immediately bolted up and grabbed her shoulders, his almond coloured eyes wide with worry and a trace of anger. “Honey!? What happened?! Did you get attacked?! Who the hell touched my angel!?”

Liliana blinked her light brown eyes in confusion then they widened in realization and plead. “Don’t hurt the plants! I worked hard on them!”

“...Huh?” He blinked and looked over at her again.

“I was out in the garden... Tending to it.”

“B-But... The scratches...”

“Every rose has its thorns, Reizu...”

“The blood stains...”



The angelic tigress smiled brightly and held up the basket, the male peered into the woven carrier and saw a group of large, lush, ripe fruit, dotted with auburn-coloured seeds all around their bright red body and touched off with a leafy green head. A few small flowers with honey yellow centres and snowy white petals dotted the flood of red and green.

Reizu blinked, now understanding where the red stains had come from. She was a messy eater when it came to fruits and desserts, not that he minded, he thought it was cute.

Cuteness conquered her faults, as always.

He sighed and hugged her tightly, kissing the crook of her neck. “Don’t scare me like that, Lily...” He kissed her softly on the lips then blinked and pulled back, touching his lips with his fingertips. “Sticky...” He licked his fingertips and his lips and blinked again as his tastebuds tingled with the fruity syrupiness. “And sweet...”

Liliana blinked. “...You don’t like strawberries anymore?”

Reizu shook his head and smiled. “I love strawberries, you know that...”

The brunette tigress looked unsatisfied with the answer but the elder one of the two didn’t notice as he was observing the basket. “Where’d you find these anyway?”

“I planted them.” Liliana stated as-a-matter-of-factly.

Reizu blinked. He was aware Liliana thoroughly enjoyed gardening, but anything that wasn’t a flower or a tea tree didn’t seem to live very long. “You...?”

“Yeah... these are the strawberries I planted last time we were here...”

The fair-haired brunette chuckled softly as he picked one out of the basket, rubbing it thoughtfully and gently in his fingers as he looked at it admiringly. “I didn’t think they’d survive to last more than a few weeks, let alone a year...”

Liliana fell silent before she stated. “Please eat it...”

Reizu looked up at his partner and blinked. “Hu-”


Reizu opened his mouth to protest but Liliana had already picked out the one from his hand and brushed it against his lips, her dark brown eyes looked teary. “Please... I worked hard to make sure they’d grow lovely this year...”

The male blinked and felt his cheeks flush with heat, along with another part of his body... She looked so darling and adorable, even more so then usual anyway. He wasn’t heartless enough to refuse to that face, especially since it was HER face.

He smiled softly and opened his mouth, closing his eyes softly. Liliana perked up and took the hint, gently lining the small, red fruit between his jaws. As soon as Reizu felt the body against the top of his teeth, he bit down and broke the vibrant red skin, already feeling the sticky, fruity syrup from the pink-coloured flesh explode into his mouth.

The light brown haired man pulled back, looking alarmed and Liliana chewed on her lower lip as he chewed on his treat softly, savouring the sweet eruption of taste in his mouth before he slowly swallowed.

Liliana held her breathe. “Well...?”

Her lover smiled softly. “You’ve certainly improved, they’re very delicious...” Then he frowned and sighed regretfully, holding his head. “But... tis’ such a shame...”

The tigress froze, feeling her heart sink into her feet. “What... do you mean...” All her hard studying and work... and he didn’t enjoy them?

Reizu looked back at her, smiling seductively as he cupped her chin in his hand, caressing the sides of lower jaws and lips with his thumb as he leaned in close, pressing his cheek against hers as he whispered in her ear. “You’re far cuter and sweeter than any strawberry...”

He grinned as he felt the heat of her blush against his cheek. “And redder... Are you saying...” He nipped and suckled on her earlobe before he pulled back, breathing on the wet flesh temptingly as he whispered seductively. “...you’d rather have me eat you instead, my little angel...?”

Liliana felt her heart jump into her chest and the basket was dropped onto the floor, the red contents spilling out as she glomped her lover eagerly.

Needless to say, it was one heated afternoon for them both.

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 15, 2009 5:10 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

KAWAII!!!! I liked the ending. Smile


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