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Rouge vs. Kakashi

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 24, 2008 2:09 pm    Post subject: Rouge vs. Kakashi  Reply with quote

Hopefully you guys like it, it's not the best, but it's good. I remcommened you read Rouge's bio first, Kakashi too if you don't know him all that well.

Rouge was flying up high in the sky looking at the city down below.”Hmmm...Kakashi should be here...”He started to go down toward the ground and landed in a dark alley. His black wings retracted inside his body. He came out the alley and walked on the bustling sidewalk. He walked through the crowd looking at all their faces. He’s not here…he should be though.., Rouge thought. Rouge looked to his left and saw a figure with a sword on his back and spiky hair. He ran across the street and taxi honked at him. The taxi braked and drifted to the side almost hitting him. He made it to the other side and tapped the man on the shoulder. The man turned around and it was Kakashi. Then he looked surprised, “Rouge, is that you?”

Rouge clenched his fist and punched Kakashi in the face. Kakashi was sent flying two blocks then he smashed in to a building. Blood appeared at the corner of his mouth.” Heh...Nice welcoming...”He landed to the sidewalk and walked toward Rouge. His wings came out and he grabbed his sword. “Hmph,” Rouge’s wings came out and he ran toward Kakashi with red aura surrounding his fist. At the right moment Kakashi slashed his sword and it met up with Rouge’s fist. “Ugh...”Rouge pushed hard trying to push the sword away from him. Blood started to drip from his hand and he pushed the sword to the side. Kakashi backed up and the sword went to his side.” Careful Rouge...” Kakashi punched Rouge sending him flying. Rouge landed on a car. He stood up and red aura surrounds him and then it disappeared. Rouge eyes were now fully white and bat wings sprouted from his back.

“We’ll see about that, won’t we...?” Red aura comes out from Rouge’s hand and a red aura sword appears. They both few up in to the air and soared toward each other with their swords ready.” Heh…” they both said and the swords met. Both pushed with brute force veins showing from their arms. A policeman from below looked up and saw them both. He grabbed the radio from his shoulder and spoke,” We’re going to need some backup! South Main Street. It’s those two demon kids again...” He grabbed his gun and pointed it at them.” Stop it right now and put your hands up!”Rouge looked at the policeman and he shuddered seeing Rouge’s eyes. The red aura from Rouge’s sword blew up causing the whole street to be destructed.

Fire hydrants blew up water shooting out from them, cars crashed into each other making a big traffic jam below. Kakashi got up from the ground looking at Rouge.” Oh, nice one…”Kakashi said sarcastically.  Rouge flew down a few feet in front of Kakashi. “I’m glad you liked it. So I’m guessing you wouldn’t mind another?” Red aura started to make a ball in his hand. Kakashi did a slice toward Rouge’s head.”Fool…”He appeared behind Kakashi sticking the red aura orb on Kakashi’s neck. Kakashi tried taking it off but it just wouldn’t. “Try all you want. It won’t work, but at anytime I can make it blow up” Rouge said laughing. Just a few seconds later, six police cars appeared surrounding them. All at the same time they car doors opened and all guns pointed at the both of them.” Don’t move and put your hands up! This is your first and last warning!” Said one of the cops with a megaphone. The wind blew; Rouge’s hair moved toward the direction of the wind. He closed his eyes and appeared on top of building sitting down with his legs hanging off the edge.”Kakashi, entertain me. I might even just change my mind about blowing you to bits.”

Kakashi looked annoyed but still obeyed Rouge’s command. He ran toward a policeman with great speed. The cop hesitated and shot aimlessly missing. About two feet way Kakashi swung toward with one hand aiming for his chest. At this moment the cops took their attention toward Kakashi and shot all at a synchronized time when Kakashi’s blade hit one of their own. Kakashi ducked and rolled behind a police car. At the moment he looked at his left shoulder at saw a small scrape from a bullet. “Damn, I need to be faster…”Kakashi’s wings retracted backward, at its full length, and went forward in a second. A gust of wind from his wings blew the cop car toward the other cops. He stood up while the car rolled down the road and toppled the helpless men. “Impressive…”Rouge said giving a small clap. Now there was only men left, trembling with fear.

Kakashi walked toward them men knowing inside they wouldn’t attack him from how frightened they were. When Kakashi was closer, the men dropped to the ground backing away from him, staring at him with wide eyes. Kakashi then approached them, picking them both up from the collar, each one in a different hand.” Frightened I see...Well then, Why don’t we ju-“The red aura on Kakashi’s neck grew bigger and blew up. Smaller than before, just enough too blow the three of them up. It’s still not over yet. He had to of survived that, thought Rouge. He jumped off the building and before his feet touched the ground his wings flapped a little to make the landing smooth. He picked up Kakashi by the back of his shirt and threw him into a wall. He looked toward the direction he flew and walked over almost as slow as he could. Kakashi laid there, motionless, with the sword in his hand.

Rouge approached Kakashi and had his fist clenched. Before Rouge made a move toward Kakashi, Kakashi made a swing toward Rouge with the sword. Rouge grabbed the sword and threw it to the side.” You really think I didn’t know you were going to do that?” Rouge and Kakashi punched at the same time and their fists met.  Kakashi grabbed Rouge by the hair and threw him inside the building. Kakashi grabbed his sword and ran inside the building. Office workers looked and ran off. Rouge stood up from all the rubble and stuck out his hand. Blue aura flowed from out of his hand and surrounded Kakashi’s neck. He squeezed his hand and it got tighter around his neck. Kakashi dropped his sword on the ground and tried taking it off with both hands. Rouge smiled and punched Kakashi directly in the stomach. Kakashi flew out of the building and on to the bridge far away from building.

Rouge flew out of the building towards the bridge, looking down below at the wreckage. When he approached the bridge, he landed onto the ground and his wings retracted in. A car in front of him kept honking the horn at Rouge. Rouge then became annoyed and grabbed the car front the bumper on the front. He picked it up and threw towards Kakashi. Kakashi front flipped in the air, his wings flapping and went up, dodging the car.  The car flew off the bridge quickly landing in the water. Kakashi now couldn’t breathe because the grip became tighter on his throat.” Don’t worry, I’ll make it fast.” Rouge closed his hand completely and the grip on Kakashi’s throat completely. Kakashi appeared behind Rouge on the same second and stuck the sword threw his lower back. Rouge’s hand opened up all the way and fell to the ground, sliding off the sword with a track of blood behind.” That will teach you.” Kakashi turned around and Rouge was there and punched him in the face knocking him off the bridge and into the water.

Rouge ran and jumped of the side with his fist towards the water with red aura surrounded around them. When his fist touched the water, the water flew up make a tsunami towards the city. Water flowed around the buildings like a maze, about thirty-two feet off the ground. Kakashi ran towards Rouge with his sword. The red aura creped to the wound and filled it. Then a red aura formed in his fist making a red aura sword again. Kakashi swung and Rouge ducked backwards and swung with his left hand. Kakashi jumped in the air and had his sword pointed down on Rouge and put all his force on the sword. Rouge slid out of the way as fast as he could. Kakashi’s eyes widen as his sword started to go underwater. Before Kakashi was fully under water, Rouge grabbed Kakashi’s leg and swung him to the other side of him. Kakashi’s faced then smacked the water, and the Rouge’s let go.

Kakashi got up quickly and made a slash towards Rouge’s hip. Rouge’s slid out of the way again, this time with a small cut of his hip. Rouge grabbed Kakashi and dunked his head underwater. Kakashi then elbowed Rouge’s in the spot where he had stabbed Rouge. Rouge let his grip go and held his stomach and started coughing blood out. Rouge then remembered that he didn’t take off the aura, just let off pressure on the grip. He closed his and Kakashi dropped to his knees. He tried taking off the aura and Rouge bashed him on the back of his neck sending him underwater. Dang it, now that I’m underwater, I swing way slower than before. And I can’t get this thing off, I’m done for…, Kakashi thought. Rouge appeared behind Kakashi and went for a slash on the throat.”Goodbye, brother” Kakashi didn’t move.” Yeah, see you in hell...”

Rouge returned the slash and Kakashi’s head slid off his neck. Kakashi’s blood floated around the area. The body parts floated to the surface leaving a trail of blood in the water. Rouge swam to the top of water and stood up on the water. Rouge toward the direction of the sunset, dragging Kakashi’s sword behind him…
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 27, 2008 9:53 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

*claps hands* that was amusing
T.T but you killed kakashi...
*shrugs* still was amusing to read
tis a shame that they hate each other..
Every lifetime has one moment.  Only until you stand alone do you see it all so clearly.

"An artist is perfectly imperfect."  - Mr. Kimura
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Jazion Keera
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 28, 2008 11:54 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

*Found it funny, even if it did end up killing her eyes and brain*

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